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Personal Injury FAQ

How do I know if I have grounds for a claim or lawsuit?

Generally speaking, if your injuries were sustained as a result of negligence, intentional or unintentional wrongdoing, or strict liability, you could have personal injury law claim. In these cases the defendant’s actions or failure to act must have caused your injuries. In cases of medical malpractice you may have a claim if you have suffered injury because a healthcare provider was either negligent, or failed to provide a standard level of care while attending to you. A lawyer from the Accident Lawyers can consult with you for free and let you know if you have grounds for a claim or a lawsuit.

What can I receive compensation for?

You may be eligible to receive compensation for present and future medical expenses, loss of earnings, potential loss of earnings, loss of enjoyment of life, mental pain and anguish, and possibly more.

What is my case worth?

No two cases are alike, and it may be difficult to determine exactly how much your injury or accident claim could be worth. There are a variety of factors to consider, including who was at fault for the accident, the severity of injuries you have suffered and medical expenses, the impact of the injuries on your lifestyle and career, and possible grounds for emotional trauma. To help increase your chances of getting a top value settlement it’s important to work with an experienced law firm, such as Accident Lawyers.

What should I do if I’m involved in a car accident?

Remain at the scene of the accident
If possible, exchange driver and insurance information with any other parties involved in the accident.
If possible, take pictures at the scene to preserve evidence of what occurred.
Get contact information of any witnesses present
Seek police and medical attention immediately. It’s important that the police make a report of the incident. It’s also very important that you seek medical care for any injuries you may have sustained in the accident. NOTE: Even if you do not immediately feel any pain, it does not mean that you are not injured. Some injuries may take hours or even days to present themselves. This is especially important when dealing with spine, neck, or head pain!
Seek experienced and qualified legal counsel from a law firm that focuses on personal injury and accident claims to discuss your rights.

What documents should I save if I believe I might have grounds for a claim?

As many documents relating to the incident and injuries as you have – the more the better! If you were involved in an auto accident, for example, keep any police reports, insurance claims, medical records and bills; witness contact information, photos, etc. It’s also very helpful if you bring these documents in with your first free consultation.

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